Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting Over the Hump

This week is going pretty well in my house. We managed to get a lot done- lots of grocery shopping, errand running, planning. Nothing makes me feel positive like planning and Brendon and I are starting Paleo so I had a lot of planning to do (wish me luck, I'm going to need it). To top it all off Miss C had her two year check up yesterday, she is practically perfect in every way AND she didn't even flinch when the nurse stabbed her finger to get blood. So just in case you aren't having a very positive week, let me share some happy things with you! 

I find it very exciting that threadless sells Disney villain shirts! I know they have had them for awhile now, but I am obsessed; they are just soo pretty. There are several I'm digging, but I especially love this "retro villains" shirt and  the one entitled "The Kraken".

I saw this image pinned on pinterest and it spoke to me. Before I was a mom I used to judge parents all the time. I had no right to judge them, I didn't know them, I didn't know what kind of day they were having, or if their kid was normally a super well behaved kid and was just having an off day. I have to admit that sometimes I still judge other parents, and I have NO right to because last week that was probably my kid or last week that might have been me on my cell phone at the park.

 Megan Francis address' in her post how we, as a society, feel the need  to bash other moms using social media. She suggests that "we have a real opportunity to create a kinder and more supportive social environment by weighing carefully what we broadcast", I think this is great! Sometimes I feel like social media is so filled in negativity and hate, it's repulsive. Megan suggests we help change this by adding messages of support and remember that we have all been there before. 

Dear Mom with the kid throwing a tantrum in happens to the best of us. #DearMom
Had to share this one too, because hey, it's me. Everyone go read her post, I loved it. 


Also, while you are checking out that post hop over to Edelweiss Patterns and check out her two blog posts on the New Women exhibit at the DAR museum (here and here). This is her photo by the way, I'm glad she was able to get such lovely photos of the exhibit. My best friend and I did internships working for the curator of costume and textiles at this museum. We both had the opportunity to help put this exhibit together and I cannot be more proud with how it turned out. It was such an amazing experience, and the most fun I have ever had at work. I hope to go back sometime next week to see it again, so maybe I'll have more photos to share on the blog, but until then go check out Katrina's posts or check out the exhibit itself, or look at the virtual exhibit, all great ways to see amazing historic garments.

  P.S fun fact, we named all of the looks just for us, this look we called Molly as in the "Unsinkable Molly Brown" because her hat was titanic big. 

1, 2, 3
It's been pretty rainy the past couple of days; so we have been going through a lot of changes of clothing and a lot of wet shoes because, Cordelia loves to be outside, and she loves to jump in the puddles. I'm not going to stop her fun, because I really am ok with her getting dirty and it's super cute how excited she gets when she splashes! She laughs and squeals and carries on and don't you remember how fun it was to splash when you were a kid? I mean, I puddle jumped well in to my twenties. The only thing, is I really wish she had rain boots, and as I started searching for a pair I could afford in my tiny budget I realized again just how fun rain boots are! I haven't found any yet in my budger (I really only have like $10 I could spend so I may not find them this season) but if I had a tiny bit more money to devote I would totally get one of these pairs! I can't figure out which is the cutest- the lady bug is so classic, the ballet slippers are so funky different, and Hello Kitty- need I say more?

Women's Ziz Fish Rain Boot Womens Peacock Rain Boots - Blue/Green
1, 2
Which leads me to another rant- why can't money grow on trees? I have a pair of hand me down rain boots that are perfectly functional, but how exciting are these! The pair on the left are great because every time I wore them Miss C would go "ish! ish!" in her cute little toddler voice and my heart would melt, and the pair on the right are just beautiful! Not to mention one of my good friends always says how peacocks really are my spirit animal. Oh well, if wishes were fishes...

I'm going to finish up with two videos! This first one is amazing and beautiful. It's about cool underwater animals- I've never seen anything so neat, it's under six minutes so there is no reason not to watch it. 

and this last video is Jackson Katz discussing the very important point that women's violence isn't just a women's issue but it's a men's issue as well. I strongly agree with what he has to say here. 

Have a happy Wednesday! 

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  1. Love positive posts! And I'm going to check out Megan's post, sounds like we have the same opinions. :)


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