Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Little Fishy


SO. . .sorry I have been absent from the blog, I have been kind of creativity hungover from Miss C's party! However, after a brief blog hiatus I am super excited to show you photos from what turned out to be (or at least I think it was) a really awesome second birthday party. 


We wanted people to see the fish theme as soon as they pulled up to the house so we strung balloons on either side of the front walk to give the feel of water. Cordelia LOVED playing with the balloons- might have been her favorite part of the whole party. 


Cordelia helped make the fish and seahorse decorations- we painted, colored, and glued tissue paper to the cutouts. It was a fun craft project for us, and gluing was a new experience for Miss C. 


Streamers in three different "ocean" colors with a rainbow of jellyfish went in the front window. 


My sister and I went a little nuts with fish themed food- it was a lot of fun! I bought the turtle platter almost five years ago and I finally got to have a party with a theme that matched it so I was super happy. We made:

  • Chocolate covered marshmallows with little blue sprinkles and tiny fish candies
  •  Chocolates shaped like star fish, whales, sea shells, fish, and sea horses
  • Sugar cookies in the shape of octopi, fish, star fish and turtles. I plan on sharing our recipe later on and I'm thinking about doing a tutorial on decorating them- would anyone like that?
  •   My sister even cut the fruit into turtles and stars! 
  • And oatmeal cupcakes decorated with M&M's to look like yellow and blue fish

I love themes, I think it's the most exciting part of having a kid because there really is no reason to put this much work into a adult birthday party. 


For favors we gave little bags with a homemade yellow chocolate fish "swimming" in a sea of blue M&M's


I had a lot of fun planning the party, and I couldn't have done any of it without my super wonderful sister. However, I think my hubby had the best idea when he ran out to get sand so the kids could play with the sand table. I know that Cordelia wont remember this party, but if she could I think that's the part she would remember out of everything!

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  1. Absolute perfection! Every detail was adorable, well thought out, and perfectly executed. I love too that you decorated in a way that was cute, super classy, but also simple enough that your daughter could help make them! :D


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