Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One Fish. . .


So, the other month Brendon and I had a really neat conversation with Miss C. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she actually answered! She thought about it for a bit and she told me that she wanted fish. This was the first time that she has ever expressed a real opinion and a real desire for something- something non food or need  related. It's neat to watch your kid grow up and have her own opinions- and be able to verbalize those opinions! 

We asked her several times over the past couple of weeks and she is sticking to the fish thing- and when asked about a theme for her birthday party she again requested fish, yellow and blue fish to be precise. So began my search for yellow and blue fish fabric for her birthday dress! In the end I fell in love with two different fabrics and my very understanding, loving, husband let me get both. With the first fabric I made this maxi dress for her to wear to the Baltimore Aquarium on her birthday, and the other fabric I got for her party dress- I'll share that later on. 

This underwater fabric came from Harts Fabric and if I remember correctly it's made by Timeless Treasures. I had never looked at or ordered from their website before but I was impressed by how fast they shipped my fabric and by the large variety of fabric that they have! I loved the fabric because of the realistic print and because it included sea turtles! I figured that because she is also obsessed with turtles that this fabric covered the best of both worlds. I was excited by how small scale the print is, I think it fits the tiny size of the dress well. Since is such a busy print I decided to keep the design simple, but with a cute button back and side pockets to give it a little bit of interest.




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