Sunday, April 7, 2013



Cordelia is blessed to have a very large blood family, and a very large "adopted" family. Officially she has three living great grandparents, six grandparents, five aunts, two step aunts, two uncles, and one cuncle (that's what we call my nephew because he is more like my little brother than my nephew) and many really involved great aunts and uncles. She also has several "adopted" cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

 She is a really lucky kid, she is really really well loved. If there is one thing in life I want Cordelia to truly understand it's just how important it is to love others- to have a deep family bond with not just her own blood relatives but with the people she chooses to add to her own family. I want her to be compassionate  kind, and loving to others. 

 Last week Cordelia was able to meet her Aunt Jessica (Brendon's sister if you couldn't guess by the family resemblance) for the first time. She lives in California and up until now she wasn't able to visit- and we aren't up to taking Cordelia on a plane yet! It was so cute to watch Cordelia figure Jess out and get to know her. 

They had fun playing in the yard together. 

Brendon, his mom, and his siblings

"No! My cake!"


Brendon and Jessica's Dad ate dinner at Ikea with us (I know, I'm sure you are thinking "isn't Ikea a furniture store? Why are they eating in a furniture store?" We eat there all the time because it's close, cheap- in fact kids eat free Tuesdays at the one near us and this was in fact a Tuesday, yummy, Cordelia loves running the halls, and they have stuffed animals that are totally cute and under $10) It was really cute because Cordelia wouldn't sit in her seat and she wouldn't sit with me, she only wanted to sit in Jessica's lap and would only eat Jessica's food. 



Most amusing piece of furniture ever- it spins! I kinda want one now, I just wish it was less expensive because I'm sure Miss C would color on it when I wasn't looking. We also have no space for it because our living room is about four feet square and it is taken up with six square feet worth of Cordelia stuff. Do you love to sit in the living rooms and bedrooms at Ikea? Do you also wish that you could build your walls around the Ikea furniture so it could fit perfectly in your house as well?


Cordelia loves to run the hallway at Ikea like I said- but she loves to swing even more


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