Monday, April 1, 2013

Pastel Bunnies Laying Eggs


It may be cliche to say so, but one of the greatest things about parenthood is that you get to feel like a kid again. Holidays are the best example of this. As you become an adult you no longer wake up at five am Christmas morning to see if you passed the test and were good enough for Santa to bring you a sack full of goodies. Halloween becomes a day where you hand out candy and worry about your house getting egged; Valentines day is treated as either singles awareness day or it's that day where you are pressured to be romantic and mushy even if that's totally not your thing and Easter is just a normal Sunday. 

However, having kids means you get to trick-or-treat again, it means you get to believe in Santa Clause  the tooth fairy-and the Easter Bunny! I was super thrilled to believe in the Easter Bunny. When I was a kid we used to do a big egg hunt with my cousins and it was always so much fun. Now, I'm not going to lie- Cordelia has been doing egg hunts all week long. As I have mentioned before, my kid can be very hard to entertain and egg hunts are a great way to engage and occupy her- she just loves to search for things. Easter was our first time hiding the eggs outside, and it was also the first time I made her wear rabbit ears (I'm thinking the ears might be a tradition, I'm kinda in love). 

egg hunt 1

egg hunt 2




Daddies are the best at helping with egg hunts



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