Thursday, April 18, 2013

One of Those Moments

Have you seen this commercial? I'm sure you have- it's not a new one really.  It makes me cry. The first time I watched it I might have balled, now my eyes just get a little wet. Cordelia is about to turn two- where did the time go? She was a newborn last time I checked. I can still remember holding her tiny little hand, and how in awe I was about the fact that I couldn't see any pores in her tiny little nose (I know, kinda a weird first thought, I think I was thinking that because it looked like a mini version of my nose). I still remember how sweet she smelled even if I had been confused and slightly weirded out every time someone had mentioned how great babies smelled. 

 I always ask other mothers if it is like this for them too- the mothers with kids in college tell me they still wonder where their newborn baby went. Knowing this, I am trying my best to cherish my moments with her- I am trying to rush her less when she wants to look at something, listen to her more when she chatters at me, sit and play with her more. Time just moves too fast. 


It's crazy, when I look at this picture I can almost see her as a teenager. Rolling her eyes and telling me to close the door so she can go hang out with her friends. I hope time slows down, her father is going to loose all of his hair once she drives. 

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