Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Rainbow at the Aquatic Gardens


This is part adventure post, part "look what I made!" post. The other day Cordelia and I went to the fabric store, and as we were walking through the cotton section (my favorite place in the store) she went running over to grab this bolt of fabric while saying "rainbow! rainbow!". I didn't even know that she knew the word rainbow until that moment. I asked her if she wanted me to make her a dress out of the fabric and she very happily said yes. She was such a bubbling ball of excitement I couldn't say no. 




The funny thing is that the next morning Miss C woke up and the first thing she said was "rainbow dress?" she was just soo sad that I wasn't magic and I didn't make the dress overnight. In fact it kept getting pushed back on my to do list so it took longer than I had hoped, but she kept asking for it! Which is pretty cool because she has never been so excited for me to make her something. 




I drafted the pattern myself, and I made this dress a little shorter than the other dresses I have sewn recently because she has such cute knees. However, I have a feeling I'll have to add a ruffle soon. I thought it would be fun to keep the dress simple in design and play with the stripes- running them horizontally on the bodice and pocket, and then vertically on the skirt and sleeves. I added the blue ribbon belt to break up the pattern. She was soo excited when she woke up to this dress. However, after I got the pictures she ripped the bow off. 




I figured an adventure was on our agenda so we took a trip out to the Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens. I had heard about it on our community list serv and after looking at the photos on the website I knew we had to check it out. We went early in the morning because the website says a lot of the flowers don't stay open once it gets over 85- and I have no desire to be outside when it's over 85 anyways.









We only saw a small fraction of the park, it seemed to go on forever- but Cordelia had soo much fun running around, playing in the dirt, and checking out the bugs. And it worked great to exhust her, we went home and she went right down for her nap.





  1. Does it come in adult sizes?? "she was just soo sad that I wasn't magic and I didn't make the dress overnight." IF ONLY! We all wish for this! hehe

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