Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday- Became a Thoughtful Thursday

SO I started writing this post yesterday- but after a day of going non stop I couldn't focus. Yesterday was go go go- dishes were done, errands were ran, the house was scrubbed (like really scrubbed, like cleaned the window air conditioning units scrubbed) mountains of laundry was washed- and put away (which is the hardest part) and a couple of episodes of Supernatural were watched. Today, so far, is just as busy. I sewed up an awesome dress for Miss C, we went on an adventure to the Aquatic Gardens (that post will be up Tuesday), picked up some things we needed from Target (and some things we didn't need, but couldn't live without) now it's nap time where hopefully I'll get more laundry and more dishes done, and then out to dinner with C's grandparents! But before all of that let me share some of my favorite things from the internet this week. 

Earlier in the week, I got sucked into reading the Huffington Post blog section, and two articles really stood out to me. The first article, written by Joy Gabriel and titled Kate Middleton and the Mom in the Mirror is a compelling piece about the pressure society puts on new mothers to look like they had never had a baby- despite the fact that the way your old clothing fits shouldn't be anywhere close to the top of your list of things to worry about. In the article she talks about how hard it is to look in the mirror, how easy it is to see lumps and bumps and how hard you judge the bags under your eyes, and the spit up on your shirt. She used to fear glancing herself in the mirror, but instead she decided to look at herself differently, this quote is my favorite part of the article: 

"I see a woman who knows that makeup is great but making a baby laugh is even better. That a chic haircut will make you feel like a million bucks but rocking a baby to sleep is priceless. That working out feels good but not half as good as the look in your child's eyes when you drop everything to read a book or play kitchen or just be together. That every time you have to choose between worrying about yourself and caring for your children it isn't a choice at all."

The second article was written by Galit Breen and discusses something I hadn't put much thought into Should We Teach Out Girls To Fight Back? She tells her own experience of listening to a mother tell her daughter to hit back at the kids that were pushing her around- that she didn't ever need to be a victim. I have to say, I agree. Sure we always want our kids to play nice with others, and be sweet and kind, but what if playing nice doesn't work? I think I totally support Cordelia hitting back. What are your thoughts?

On another note- I'm in love with this dress from Old Navy, and they are running a sale so it's 20% off! I'm trying to hold off and focus getting back to making the majority of my clothing again- but it's hard and I'm not sure I will be able to!

Womens dexflex by DexterWomen's Claire Scrunch Flat

These shoes are another thing on my wish list- that is also on sale! They look totally comfortable and it would be nice to have a nice basic, match everything pair of flats. 


Speaking of shoes, I am on a mission to find magic shoes. Cordelia is going to be a flower girl in September and I am trying to think of anything that will help her not be shy in front of all the people. So, we have been talking about "magic" shoes. I'm thinking yellow because she is obsessed with my yellow polka dot flats, but we will see.  

Cherokee® Infant Toddler Girls' Blouse - Thundering Grey Cherokee® Infant Toddler Girls' Trench Coat Circo® Infant Toddler Girls' Bicycle Windbreaker Jacket
Harajuku Mini for Target® Toddler Girls' Woobie Hoodie - Beige Disney® Princess Toddler Girls' Ariel Sleep Gown Carter's Lemon Footed Pajamas - Toddler


Lastly, I've been window shopping (or whatever you call it when you window shop online) and the kids clothes right now are super super cute. Cordelia asked me to make her some shirts instead of dresses, and I'm thinking the style of the one on the top left would be great- I love that top just the way it is too because it has bows on it, and who doesn't love bows? I'm dying over these jackets from Target too- I have to start sorting out Cordelia's clothing to see if she needs any new coats, or sweatshirts, since she has grown like 3 inches since last winter, and if she needs any these are on my to buy list. I'm waiting with great anticipation for Miss C to keep her PJs on- I love this Little Mermaid nightgown, but I know I would find Miss C awake the next day totally naked. Right now she sleeps in outfits like on the bottom right with a safety pin in the neck so she can't unzip- but since she has grown all of hers are looking a little short in the body, so I'm eyeing some new ones. 

I hope all are having a great Thursday! 


  1. I bought the white dexflex flats with the black cap-toe heel a couple months ago. BEST PAIR OF FLATS I OWN. They are unbelievably comfortable, haven't shown any sign of wear, and were a great price. I highly recommend them and appreciate you pointing out they are on sale :)

  2. Those flats from Payless are amazing. And I'm totally not saying this because I work there. I own a few pairs of them! Maybe an early Christmas or birthday gift.


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