Friday, August 9, 2013

What I Wore When...

teal birds

I wore this outfit to Sarah's bridal shower, I hadn't meant to match the party but the dress I was working on was a flop and I had this fabric lying around so this dress was born and I am really thrilled with how it turned out. I paired the dress with a cardigan from Target- a couple of seasons old, and some fun polka dot yellow flats from Old Navy.  

teal birds 3

I was so busy getting everything together that I couldn't take these photos before the party, so my hair is a little messy. However, since I almost never style it I was excited to have a reason to style it and I had to share. Next time I think I want to try to do two rolls instead of one. 

teal birds 2

I made this dress using a very heavily altered New Look Pattern. I lowered the waist, took the shoulders up, and let it out in the bust. I also used some horse hair braid on the bottom to make the hem float nicely.

outtake 1

Cordelia insisted on taking her own outfit photos, it was really cute, and really funny. P.S her outfit is from Target. 

outtake 2

outtake 3

I'll leave you with some funny outtakes, have a great Friday! 


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