Monday, August 12, 2013

Over The Weekend


I have grown up going to the Montgomery County Fair, I really don't remember life before my mom started volunteering there. When I was a kid I would run around and collect free balloons and stickers while my mom and sisters did all the work, then when I was a teenager I actually volunteered and would hang pictures till late at night. This year I couldn't help because I had to watch Miss C, but on Sunday Brendon, C and I  went to enjoy the fair. 





It was fun to see the animals, but it was way too hot, and crowded and I think that Sunday is my least favorite day to go to the fair. Brendon and Cordelia weren't really feeling it either. Cordelia really enjoyed the animals but it was hard to get close to them in some of the barns- however, we did pet a rabbit which had her totally overjoyed. I tried to get her to sit on a tractor so I could get a picture for my dad, but she refused which really made me sad, I guess we will try next year!




Cordelia did take her first pony ride! On the way to the fair I told C all about the things we would do, about the food and the animals, and the pony ride. She was so excited and kept saying "up-and-down" "up-and-down" thinking that we were going to go ride the carousel and I almost thought she would get freaked and refuse to get on when she saw the real live pony. I was really proud of her for being brave, and almost looking like she had fun! How was your weekend?

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  1. Even though it was hot, those pics of her on the horse, with you, totally worth it!


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